Chump Project

Tom & Mark are building a homebuilt "Champ-like" airplane called a Chump. Sadly Tom passed away in 2015, but the project goes on in his honor.

Hauling completed Fuselage

Hauling the completed fuselage frame and wings to the our hangar from Mark Anderson's place (August 2009)

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More Welding on Fuselage

Some more welding on the fuselage. Welding tabs and brackets never seems to end.

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Covering Wings and Tail

Covering the tail surfaces and wings.

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Painting Wings

Painting the Wings

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Misc Fabrications

Fabricating the door, windows and other items.

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Covering Fuselage

Covering the fuselage.

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Painting Fuselage and parts

Painting the fuselage and metal parts.

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Assembling the project in the hangar

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O-200 Engine

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