The Pierce Photo/Video Album
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Messner Reunions (9+ years)

Annual Messner Reunions over the years.
516 Images
Pierce Reunions (10 years)

Annual Pierce-Smith Reunions in Stanberry, MO
724 Images
Chistmases (26 years)

Pierce Christmases from 1977 to 2021 in Stanberry, Columbia & Kansas City.
852 Image  2 videos
Thanksgivings (6 years)

Thanksgiving dinners in Stanberry, Columbia & Overland Park.
902 Images  5 videos

Waunitha Memorial Slide Show
Slide Show show at Waunitha's Memorial Service July 2023.
Video duration 33:41
Ralph's Birthday

Ralph's 88th birthday in Stanberry.
14 Images
Waunitha's Birthdays (6 years)

Waunitha's birthday parties in Stanberry and Kansas City.
732 Images
Dad's Slides

Images scanned from many of Dad's slide reels.
53 Images

Waunitha's 80th Birthday Video

The Video created for and shown at Waunitha's 80th Birthday Party in October 2011.
Video duration 30:10
Ralph's 80th Birthday Video

The Video created for and shown at Ralph's surprise 80th Birthday Party
Video duration 44:25
Mom & Dad's Home Contents
Video and narrative of each room in Ralph & Waunitha's Stanberry Home.
June 2017.

Video duration 55:31
Emerson Trip 2016

Pierce Family takes a trip to Emerson, Henderson and other old haunts in September 2016.
186 Images  1 video

Pierce Vacations - 1960s

Pierce Family Vacations during the 1960s.
309 Images
The Pierce Boys

Photo albums of the Pierce boys growing up.
624 Images
The Log Cabin

The Pierce's dis-assembled an old log cabin from Alanthus Grove MO, and re-assembled it in their yard in 1976, where it still stands.
45 Images
Super Bowl Party 2020

Super Bowl watching parties at Brent & Andrea's and Dan & Shirley's.
54 Images  1 video

Hauling up Sand

Hauling sand up from the river at Bob & Brent's sand plant using their smallest 6-wheel haul truck (which I turned over at the end of the day). October 23, 2013.
Video duration 9:44
Spring planting - Fall Harvest

My ride while helping Bob & Brent prepare for planting and during harvest.
113 Images 1 video
BBQs at Stanberry

BBQs at Ralph & Waunitha's
house 2017 and 2018.

61 Images
Easter 2016 in Stanberry

Some of the Pierce family gathered at Mom & Dad's house for Easter Sunday Dinner 2016
20 Images

Andrea's Graduation Party

A surprise party for Andrea's Graduation (Ultrasound) 2013..
54 Images  4 Videos
Brent & Andrea's Wedding

Brent & Andrea's Wedding
May 27, 2013.

87 Images
Clarence & Beverly 50th

March 8th, 2014 at the Boudreaux's Louisiana Seafood Restaurant in St Joseph
131 Images
Cogdill Birthdays Dinner

We gathered at Clarence & Beverly Cogdill's to celebrate several October & November birthdays 2013.
66 Images  3 Videos

Oshkosh Airshow Trips

Recent trips to the annual EAA Airventure in Oshkosh
(11 years).

1,233 Images
Nieuport Video made for Mark

A video clip made for Mark and his Nieuport.
music by Lee Greenwood, Home Free & the US Air Force Singing Sergeangts (thanks Samuel)
Video duration 3:19
Front Steps Spring 2016

Mark and Brenda level their front steps with bottle jacks and QuikRete, and install stair railing, and re-do the front walk (Spring 2016).
29 Images
New Garage 2017

Mark and Brenda finally put a detached garage in the back yard. Built by Boss Sheds, Trimble MO.
335 Images

Cruises & Vacations

Great cruises & Vacations with Dick & Sharon Starks and Mike & Debbie Hursey and the Pierce Family.
912 Images  1 Video
Total Eclipse 2017

We watched the Solar Eclipse of 2017 at the Airport, then had a Picnic.
231 Images
Skydiving with the Skyhawks

Mark jumps with the Canadian Army Skyhawks Parachute Team in the 2016 Salute To Veterans Airshow.
39 Images    1 Video
50th Birthday 2002

Marks 50th birthday in 2002 and 52nd birthday in 2004.
Great friends and family.

29 Images

Liberty Memorial (5 years)

The Dawn Patrol displayed their WWI replicas on the grounds of the Liberty Memorial and Museum.
351 Images
The Dawn Patrol of KC slide show.

Dawn Patrol of Kansas City
slide show.

Video duration 4:50
Dawn Patrol of Kansas City Intro

Dawn Patrol segment introducing our members.
Video duration 1:48
Dawn Patrol in Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine

Dawn Patrol clip from December 2014 issue of Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine On-Line (by Chris Gerlach).
Video duration 1:00

Bob Drag Racing at Osborn

Brenda and I went to see Bob drag race at Osborn, Mo. on Aug 31st, 2013. He and his team race 4 cars.
15 Images, 2 Videos 
Stanberry CarShows (3 years)

The annual car show in Stanberry Mo. Each Father's day Sunday.
137 Images
Ryan and Stacy's House Auction

November 2011 - The day Ryan and Stacy bought their house.
54 Images
Newman Ice Cream Socials

Annual Newman Ice Cream Socials in 2013, 2014 & 2015 in Stanberry, MO.
173 Images

1940 Ford Pickup

My first car, a 1940 Ford pickup I owned for almost 40 years.
74 Images
L4 (military version of a J3 Cub)

Mark and Brenda's trip to Florida to trade the 1940 Ford pickup for a 1945 Piper L4.
37 Images
1956 Piper Pacer

Selling the Piper Pacer we've owned since 1983 and restored twice.  An old friend that took us lots of places.
54 Images  4 Videos
Piper PA17 Vagabond

1948 Piper PA17 Vagaqbond that Tom & I owned and flew for 12 years.
52 Images

Class of '71 45th Reunion
The Nishna Valley Class of ''71 held their 45th Reunion at the Red Coach Inn, August 2016.
Nishna Valley Music Album 1970

Music from an Album made by Nishna Valley High School Concert Band, Dance Band, Choir and Sweet Teens.
Champ Project

Tom & Mark are building a
"Champ-Like" homebuilt airplane.

42 Images
Wheel Horse Restore 1998

We bought this old worn out 8hp Wheel Horse mower around 1984. Restored it in 1998 and still use it today.
18 Images

Aunt Vonda Pictures

Pictures I have from Mom and Dads photos.
52 Images
Dan & Shirley Peru Pictures

Dan & Shirley went on a hiking trip in Peru in 2011.
67 Images
State Fairs

Three State Fairs we've visited 2004, 2007 and 2009.
53 Images
Salute To Veterans Airshow by Justin Pierce

In 2010 Justin Pierce produced a video about that year's Salute To Veterans Celebration on Memorial Day Weekend in Columbia MO.
Video duration 5:33
Richards' Party 2018

Justin threw Richard a party to celebrate his acceptance to Air Force Flight School.  Held at Dan & Shirley's house.
7 Images